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In person events coming soon est. August 2022


During the Pandemic Kango Naturals offered free online education

Michelle will be teaching an Organic Essential Oil workshop


Waldorf Organic Market on:

Sat. Feb. 26, 2019 at 11am

location: 9100 Bathurst St Richmond Hill


Michelle Messina has Trained in: Toronto, Vancouver, Italy, France, LA, New Orleans, and Salem Massachusets

Areas of Training: Soap, Cosmetics, Creams, Perfumery, Organics, and Candle making.

Alterantive healing modalities: Reiki 1,Sound healing, Crystal healing and Light therapy

Book a treatment at: Sound Therapy Heals



Michelle Messina holds:

Food Handling certificate

CPR advanced

Cosmetics Maker Certificate

Soap Maker Certificate

Organic Soapmaking Training

Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, France, LA - Canada 2013, 2016, 2018

Venice - Italy 2014

Sedona, Pheonix - USA - Spiritual - Reiki, Healing modalities, Meditation 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

Sedona, Pheonix - USA Natural Health and food with: David Wolf - 2005

Massachusetts - USA - Rituals and Scents - 2017

Los Angeles & France - USA - Perfumery - 2018

New Orleans - USA - Attended Topical Medicine and Hygiene Conference - 2018

Serves on the boad of directors at The Soapmakers Guild of Canada 2014 - 2019

Vancouver B.C - Organic Soap Making - 2013

other training:

Scarborough ON - Hindi Temple - Meditation - Vegan - 2017 - 2019

Toronto ON - Budist Temple - Meditation - Vegan - 2014

New York - USA - Mediatoin & vegetarian living temple Muktanandaya 2005


Sam Graci founder of Greens Plus - Features - Kango Naturals at his seminar Health Conference - Toronto

Michelle also provided her Kugel health snacks to all attendies as a surprise using his product Greens Plus

not even knowing he featured her, that's amazing when two dyamic people are in sync.


Health Tips:

Good Water, Good Oxygen, & Good Food

Stories and tips by: Michelle Messina

My life changed when I worked on the Campaign for Mavea a company from Germany that makes water filters.

For years I bought small bottles of water and boiled it, for drinking water.

When recycling became too much I turned to the large bottles, which was very heavy to carry.

I became a 3R Ambassador for the City of Toronto's Recycling initiative

and implemented a recycling program at a YCC for 261 units.

Reducing waste became important and recycling containers for future use.

Today, all of Kango Inc.'s Natural products are made with filtered water by Mavea

with additional distilling for our face sprays and creams.

The floors are cleaned twice a day with the I-robot


The air is cleaned with the Oreck Air purifier plus a main buidling advanced air vent filter system.

Kango's room spray - Purify is sprayed weekly with Essential Oils to help control free radicals.



Product Hot List: Mavea water pitcher, Paesano Organic Olive Oil from Sicily, Greens+ for energy and good health





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