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It started with an Idea!

Michelle Messina is the inventor of a pocket onto a popcorn bag!

A Canadian Patent was issue for any food container with pocket..

Kevin O'Leary on The Dragon's Den offered to buy Michelle's Patent and company Kango Inc.

In this blind interview, one season one, Michelle Messina turns down a $800,000 dollar a year, royalty deal without a solid guarantee that O'Leary would manufacture, to provide hygiene to the masses.

In 2010 Michelle Messina, Sponsored Brett Wilson's Polo For Heart & Stroke in Toronto, since he was known as the "Good Dragon".

Kernel Popcorn, in turn sponsored Michelle's innovation for hundreds of people enjoyed popcorn in a bag with pocket holding: a wetnap, toothpick, napking, discount coupon from Kernels Popcorn and Kango's business card.

Visit Kango Inc to learn more and see pics of this great event.

In 2015 Kango Naturals was born to generate funds, and continue with her families established beauty business for over 50 years in: Toronto, Richmond Hill, Markham and Unionville

Kango Naturals line of beauty products were created with: soap, scrubs, and bath sizzles (she don't drop the b word)!

Michelle Messina President - Kango Naturals

Conintuing her family's beauty business established in Toronto since 1960 To a young couple who met in Toronto, from Europe.

Their talented and spiritual daugher, Michelle Messina, leads and creates all natural products by hand with a European flair who is grounded to nature.

During the launch of Kango Naturals - Septemeber of 2015

Michelle Messina was contacted to manufacture the popcorn bag with pocket for TIFF.

Michelle Messina, jumped back into the opportunity she had dreampt for years and watch that dream come to life at

Cineplex Odeon - The International Film Festival opening night movie premier of "Forsaken"

with a exclusive question period with Kieffer Sutherland.

Good fortune continued, Michelle's long standing Multi-media company Pocket Pictures was hired to film the exclusive interview with Kieffer Sutherland.

This was a World Premiere of her invention too! When the universe aligns it's done in a big way...just when she was about to let that dream go!

Good fortune continued from there

At CHFA Michelle met Sam Graci endorced Kango Naturals products

at a symposium he spoke about Natural leading products.


"Michelle is Medicine for the Planet Earth and

all that composes it like a lovely symphony orchestra

that synergeticly gives off it's harmony and calming tranquility.

You're a unique rare individual, in time you will get on-line and share your gifts with the world." Sam Graci


On Septemeber 26 that is what she did, with that loving push and recognition

built Kango Naturals website effective

September 27, 2015 on the Red Super Moon


"I thank the universe for my blessings and great forutne,

and wish to continue my success providing hygeine to consumers with a ready to eat food container with pocket for wetnaps and other accountraments


create the best natural beauty products for all to enjoy and benefit from.

I wil do both"

Michelle Messina




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