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Product line at Lou Lout Boutique

Humble begining in Unionville

Famous Soap on a rope that floats!

Product line Unionville ON

Kango Naturals At Tucci Aramado

Kango Luxury Line

Current products can be purcahse on-line: Purchase Kango products

For custom orders please email: email


Kango Products:

Diffusers with reeds - an array of options

Air Sprays - Air-Aroma

Soap (Cold Press made from Olive Oil and Coconut Oil cure time 8 months)

Lip balms: Natural and Pomegranite Red

Bath Salts using Dead Sea Salt

Massage Oil

Bottle Dead Sea Mud

Essential Oils Resale

Balanced Aroma Blends

Face Serum - Cure


New Men's Line:

Shaving Bar with Sicilian volcanic ash, Olive Oil & Essencial Oil with Organic Basil grown by Michelle's father,


Michelle's Innovations:

Innovative Soap on a rope that floats - July 18, 2015

Loofa Soap wash with hand strap - Dec. 1, 2017

Deodorant in a jar - Sicilian Volcanic Ash - Mar, 16, 2018

Deodorant Scrub Soap - Nov. 7, 2018

Patent: Container with Pocket


NEW: Lip Balm March 15, 2018

New Red

Natural Lip Balm - Kango Naturals

Natural Nude, Banana, Natural Red made with Pomegranite enzymes

Newest Flavour: Coconut 2018

Products Registered with Health Canada

Kango Naturals - Natural Soap

Kango Natural Sugar Scrub

Custom Orders for Kango Organics Line using Paesano Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sicily!

Organics Line at Kango Inc

When it's all natural it's great for kids too:

Kids Soap - Kango Naturals

Unionville Festival 2015

Most Effective Product: Insect repellant big hit!






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