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2023 TBA

Formulating - Body Powder


LIVE - TEA KOMBUCHA has partnered with Kango Inc.to formulate the ultimate soap.

Made with Live Lemon Ginger instead of filtered water. This company activates thier products and is spiritually charged.

Reseach and develepment took place over the lockdown and is cured and ready to buy.

Let's really LIVE !

Also new: Greaseless Scent-free Massage Gel buy - Jan 5

New Coconut Candle Wax - Jan 3

Happy New Year 2021

Michelle is always thinking of new innovative products:

Soap on a rope that floats

A soap smooth on one side and scrub on another

deodorant cream that works

reusable face mask from organic cotton

Patented Food Container with Pocket

and more......

New this Summer


Kango - Sunkis Summer Face Cream

Sunkis Face Cream - All Natural Glycerin moisturizing cream with organic seeds which thickens skin to protect from the sun. Pink colour from Natural Rose extract. 30 ml


Michelle Messina inventor of a container with pocket - Canadian Patent holder

Innovative packaging

Industry endorced 2015




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