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Happy New Year

Happy Holiday from Kango Naturals

we have partnered with the best gift basket company proving

an exlusive room spray and custom lemongrass candles.

deadline to purchase basket December 2022 link

and much more...check Kango Naturals full product list under the star link or here

Ready for the Ultimate Gift Basket

Kango has formulated a unique room spray exclusive for....TBA

Estimated release date: August 2022

We will supply our Green line to a popular gifter

you're going to love it!

Kango Natural customer will be offered a discount!


Re-establish ourself post-pandemic

Spring has sprung, try a variety of Kango Sprays

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At Kango innovation is what drives Michelle, founder and product maker!

In March focus will be on perfume formulation. The finest of scents have been ordered from: France, Italy and USA.
From body sprays - to room diffusers. view

New - Kombucha Soap available now to buy

Buy Live Soap Now

or visit Live head office in Guelph for instore shopping.

Happy New Year 2021

Kango has exciting News

LIVE - TEA KOMBUCHA has partnered with Kango Inc.to formulate the ultimate soap.

Made with Live Lemon Ginger Kombucha instead of filtered water. This company activates thier products and is spiritually charged.

Research and develepment took place over the lockdown and the launch of the soap will be announced when cured.

Let's really LiVE !

Also new: Greaseless Scent-free Massage Gel - Jan 5

New Coconut Candle Wax - Jan 3, 2021

Happy New Year 2021

Happy Holidays

Kango Naturals has completed all orders for 2020.

Holiday Gift Set - Avaiable - Dec 1 - 8, 2020

delivery by Dec. 11, 2020

Kango Gift sets


Media buzz, Michelle was interviewed on 68 News

about her business Kango & airied Nov 28 & 29, 2020

Michelle has been using her own shampoo for years...it shows!

Buy it online scent-free or Lavender with Rosemary Essential Oils

Kango Shampoo

Media Interview Oct 10, 2020 - Airtime - Nov 28 & 29

New - Pie candles - Oct 2020

Kango - Pie Candles

Kango launches a new on-line e-commerce with many new products

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August 1, 2020

Kango Delivery

Founder Michelle Messina of Kango Naturals, was selected by the Ontario Government to launch an e-commerce site - June 2020

Kango provides product delivery in emission free vehcials - place your online order today

Update: Covid19 - Kango will not be producing Hygiene Sprays until further notice!

Kango facilities are closed to the public and working on new product developments Mar 2020

New - Self Tanning lotion - all natural...of course!

Launching Perfume Line - 2020 - men's Oud...is amazing!

Summer Soap cured ready for sale! - June 25, 2020

Kango Studio with Bulk Raw Ingredient with founder Michelle Messina

Kango also provides Bulk Ingredients, beside carefully handmade Natural Beauty Products!

Environmental friendly we deliver locally in our emmisions free vehical, that's fully electric.

Kango Recycles, Re-uses and Conciously purchases sustainable products and ethtically sourced raw ingredients for the betterment of our planet.

Packaging, lables and print materail are mininium, with a program to refill any product, keep and rerturn packaging for re-use please

and receive a discount or bonus gift for doing your part!

Kango Springs  into


Kango Products featured at Westjet Employee Apprecation Event by estiticians

September 25, 2019

Michelle Makes news at 25 year Anniversary of Waldorf


Michelle will be teaching - Organic Essential Oil


Waldorf School:

Sat. Feb. 26, 2019 at 11am

Michelle of Kango teaches Essential Oils Course at Waldorf School


Training - Art of Scent - Boston - Oct 2019

Training - Natural healing - Arizona - Jan. 2019

Training - Aromocology France - Sept. 2018

Training - Perfumery - LA - Sept. 2018

Hygiene Conference - New Orleans - Oct. 2018

Training - Perfumery - Montreal - Nov. 2018

Packaging Conference Montreal - Nov 2018

Michelle Messina at Waldorf making headlines

Michelle Makes Waldorf news after returning from France's prestigious Perfumery Ecole!

Health Tips:

Good Water, Good Oxygen, & Good Food

Stories and tips by: Michelle Messina

My life changed when I worked on the Campaign for Mavea a company from Germany that makes water filters.

For years I cooked and drank only bottle water. I started with the small bottles, and when recycling became

too much I turned to the large bottles, which was very heavy to carry.

I became a 3R Ambassador for the City of Toronto's Recycling initiative and implemented a recycling program at a YCC for 261 units.

Reducing waste became important and recycling for future use.

Today, all of Kango Inc.'s Natural products are made with filtered water by Mavea

The floors are cleaned twice a day with I-robot


The air is cleaned with the Oreck Air purifier

In the purifier Essential Oils are used to also attack free radicals.

Gloves, goggles, hair nets, have always been common practice by myself and any assistant workers,

well implemented before Covid19



Product Hot List: Mavea water pitcher, Paesano Organic Olive Oil from Sicily, Greens+ for energy and good health


Kango Support MIc Mission

Michelle Messina and Kango supports Mic Mission for over 10 years

Venerable Delia T'etreault, Mother Mary of the Holy Spirit

Foundress of the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception

in 1865 in Marieville Quebec Canada

who's foundation help the less fortunate around the world, a cause we support.



Thank you for reading and supporting a locally run businesss, woman run aiming for the betterment of our health and planet.

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