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Kango Naturals - full beauty line since 2015

extention of a family unisex beauty business est. in 1960 in Toronto Ontario

All Natural. Handmade. Local. Ethically sourced. High Virbration. Canadian


Spiritual Soap Kango Inc

Spiritual products made with Integrity

Limited Packaging

All Paper is Recycled Pulp

Great Recycling Program





Simple Natural Gifts, to warm up to!

Bath Sizzles..we don't drop the b word.

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Women, Men & Unisex Products

Soaps. Bath. Face & Body.

Naturally, fell your best!



Michelle Messina at CHFA

Health and Safety our top Priority

Kango Facilities: 24 hour auto floor cleaning, air filtration, water filtered with Mavea from Germany and distilled on-site.

COVID-19 no onsite visits

Cashless Touchless

Hygiene - Top Priority


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